Welcome to Houston Council of Safety Professionals
   Driver Appreciation Luncheon on Wednesday, October 26th! Lunch will be served starting at 10:30 A.M. until food is gone! We will be serving hamburgers and hot dogs at Hwy 146 and Barbours Cut!

        Please contact info@hcsp.info for more information!

  By Laws
CVSA-OOS Criteria
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It shall be the objective of this organization to promote cooperative efforts for increased safety, efficiency and economy in all phases of highway transportation by commercial vehicles through:

  • Interchange of ideas and information.
  • Meetings for discussion.
  • Committee research.
  • Development and promotion of safety and personnel standards or codes.
  • Interaction with enforcement agencies.
  • Legislative bodies to provide assistance and input consistent with the organization.
  • Any other cooperative undertaking necessary for the accomplishment of the above stated purpose of the organization.
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